Emily Ho, Authentically Social

Emily Ho, Principal

Authentically Social provides results-driven, strategic social media marketing programs for companies in the fashion, fitness, lifestyle, and beauty segments. Principal Emily Ho brings ten years of client-side marketing experience in brand management, product management, and social media strategies. We focus on taking overall business objectives and using social media strategies to help reach them.

All too often, social media is viewed from management as a trendy thing that lies with Generation Y and younger. We see it as the primary way to connect brands with fans – fans who will beat to the drum of your company because of increased engagement with the end user, listening to comments or concerns, and building relationships that go beyond that of a seller and a buyer. The end result for social media, as with all marketing efforts, is sales. Are you more likely to sell to an unengaged end-user who might be more price sensitive or less brand loyal, or a brand superfan who feels like they have a relationship with your company? Who is more likely to tell their friends about your company?

Authentically Social is unlike other social media companies in that we examine the competitive landscape, company structure, existing marketing efforts, and overall objectives before recommending a social strategy. Our goal is to make sure that if social is a place where your company can grow, that we present the most effective options for that to happen, all while measuring the results along the way.