For every business we work with, we create custom programs designed to meet your marketing goals. Some of the most popular elements include:

Influencer Marketing Programs

Influencers are a great way to spread the word about your product or organization. We create blogger outreach campaigns that target appropriate audiences and coordinate campaigns that can create great social buzz and increased SEO for your product or company. We maintain ongoing relationships with bloggers in order to have your message received and evaluated for potential partnerships.

Digital Marketing Roadmaps

How do all of the pieces of your marketing mix work together? What is your overall objective for the entire plan? What are each tactic’s objectives? If you can’t answer these questions, there is a good chance your marketing roadmap needs refinement. Authentically Social takes a top-down approach when it comes to planning a long-term strategy for organizations. The macro-level view helps communicate objectives to stakeholders, while a comprehensive tactical plan ensures your marketing department can work together to achieve results.

Social Strategy Audit

Are you already on multiple social channels but aren’t sure about their effectiveness? Let us audit your current social marketing activities to see how they can be refined to meet overall business objectives. We will help you focus on messaging, strategy, and metrics to ensure long-term social success for your organization.

Community Management and Reporting

At Authentically Social, we never focus on various marketing efforts without providing tangible results. All projects are measured against pre-determined metrics that show how the entire program is working to achieve results. Ongoing community management is a passion of ours as it allows us to be a vital extension of your organization.

Content Strategy and Execution

Want to be more involved in social media but don’t have the time or personnel to dedicate to it? This is where Authentically Social can help you shine. By focusing on prospect and customer engagement, community building, and key messaging, we act as an extension of your marketing department. This includes a variety of tasks depending on the business objectives: Tweeting, managing a Facebook presence, blog writing and management, email marketing strategy, online reputation management, and more.