Free Consultation

Not sure if social is the direction your company wants to go? We offer free consultations, in person (in the Lexington, KY area) or via telephone or Skype. This two-way process will give you a snapshot into the social space for your industry or geographical area, and give examples as to how social media can fit in your existing marketing mix.

The process is simple, and there is no obligation or hassle once it’s done:

  1. We send you a brief questionnaire where you will describe your company, products/services, target audience, and an outline of any online efforts you’ve made so far.
  2. We review the information and schedule a 15 minute call to make sure the information is understood properly.
  3. Within 5 business days, we present a snapshot into the social media space for your industry, as well as outline initial steps you could take to integrate social into your marketing mix.

Our goal with these consultations is to help you see the opportunity that exists within the social media space, and how it can help drive brand awareness, educate prospects, and convert to sales.

To schedule a free consultation, fill out our contact form.