In 2012, I jumped from the corporate marketing world into being a business owner/strategist full time after side hustling with clients for 2 years. A couple of months before I took the leap, my friend Holli and I went to Nashville for Blissdom Conference. At that time, I felt all over the place. I had one blog on fitness, one blog on fashion, one side hustle company with multiple clients, and a corporate job. (Here’s the recap from that event – feels like a lifetime ago!)

Three months after that, I left my corporate job for the uncertainty of self-employment, officially founding Authentically Social. Over the years of having this business, there have been a lot of pivots and figuring out how to maintain a workload that isn’t entirely overwhelming while also increasing my income. The keys to growth were found in service/topic alignment and income diversification.

In a couple of days, I’m headed back to Blissdom after they were gone for a few years. It’s returning to Nashville, and I’m excited to lead Round Table Discussions on Thursday about building diversified income streams within your business or blog.

If you’re interested in more on this topic, you can check out the Blissdom Podcast where I talked with Alli Worthington about income diversification, plus a few fun facts about myself.

If you’re going to be at Blissdom, please say hello! For those who are attending one of my sessions, I will share links to more resources and the worksheet at the conference.